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E. Hefetz – Private investigations and surveillance

Under the management of EliranHefetz, Ministry of Justice licensed Private investigator,licensed to run a Private Investigation Office.

Providing Services for the Business and Private Sector

Since 1996 – over 17 years’ experience

Eliran Hefetz began his career in the fieldof investigations whilst serving in anIDF military intelligence research unitunder the jurisdiction of the IDF’s Intelligence Corp.  The unit’smain areas of responsibility includeresearch relating to all areas of intelligence and information gathering. Despite its being a military unit,its responsibilities aren’t restricted to strictlymilitary intelligence research, it  also deals with national, economic, technological, social and politicalresearch relating to the Middle East regionalongside military issues, whichhave political, strategic and economic ramifications which can affect the entire country. Following his military service,and up until the present day, Eliran has been involved in intelligence gathering, private investigations & surveillance within the civilian sector.

My Ethic

“I have always believed thatnothing but the very best will suffice in terms of service, quality, professionalism, keeping to schedule and the highest standards of transparency in my relations with each and everyclient”.  Based on this ethic, EliranestablishedE. Hefetz – Private Investigations and Surveillance, and provideshis clients withthe tools, the knowledge and the best means for solving their individual problems.

“From a professional standpoint, a successful private investigator must provide uncompromising professional serviceswhilst placing an emphasis on total reliability and loyalty and alwaysplacing the client’sbest interests at the front. Additionally, he must establish a team of reliable, trained professionals all of whom meet the same highoperational standards which he demands of himself”.

“Be guileless with the Lord thy God” – show complete loyalty to your clients”.

א. חפץ חוקר פרטי קצת עלינו

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