You can’t choose your family – but you can choose your partner!

Just as in life, in any relationship, there are up’s and downs.  Sometimes the crisis will pass,but sometimes it can cause the relationship to change and even breakup.

That’s why it’sImportant to be the first to act and to act quickly!  To protect the things dear to you!  We are objective!  We have the tools and the knowledge to help!

Personal Relationships – has your partner betrayed your trust?Investigations and surveillance, developing and managing divorce investigations, alimony and child support collection

Family – foreign care-givers, care providers for children and the elderly, investigating adolescents and young adults, creative solutions

Financial and Economic Investigations – before the wedding, locating assets and bank accounts, locating debtors, execution of arrest warrants

Private Laboratory – Development and implementation of solutionsadapted to the unique needs of eachclient

Photography, Video and Audio Recording –Open and concealed recordingthe most advanced equipment available today.


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