Living in a movie

Important things to consider!

Is your husband working late?  Does he say that he’s going out with friends?  Are his female “Facebook” friends calling him on his mobile?  Do you have a feeling that something’s going on behind your back?  Has he deleted his last telephone call log?  Does your partner never leave their cell phone lying around – even when they’re in the shower?  Are you being harassed from an unlisted number?  Has your husband enrolled in a gym?  Does your wife disappear for long periods of time?  Does your partner get text messages all the time? Has your wife been indifferent to sex for a long time?  Do you feel insecure?  Caught her out in a lie? Has your wife started a WhatsApp group? Is her phone off-line for hours on end?

If even one of these questions has crossed your mind – then you need to set your mind at rest and discover the truths!

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living in a movie

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