Strong business

Building an advanced security system for your business


Your business deserves the best there is!

Command & Control–smart systems, concealed and visible security cameras, remote control

Security Consultation – Locating security breaches, ensuring that the client reaches their destinationwithout being followed, information security

Cyber Division – computing solutions, investigation and location via the internet, file scanning and restoration

Business Intelligence – concealed and visible services such as:mystery shoppers and the prevention of industrial and commercial espionage

Reliability checks – for employees and partners, polygraph, investigations and surveillance, both open and concealed

1,000,000 problems – with one solution!

Your businesses security is our specialty!

Are you worried that your business could, at any moment, suffer irreparable damage!That everything you’ve built with your own two hands could be destroyed!

Are you concerned that, out of the blue, all of your hard work will be lost because of business competitors, dishonest partners or even disloyal employees?

“…and those who laid you waste depart from you: – Isaiah 49:17

strong business

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